TSM Roadmap

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I needed to post an update, letting you all know what’s on deck here at The Smart Musician.  Over the past couple of months, a handful of podcasts have been released, and I have been sorting through a sea of concepts and ideas for content—topics that are relevant, delivery format of the content (podcast, vidcast, blog posts, streaming, etc…) as well as the release schedule.   All of this on top of trying to find a groove in producing the podcasts and attempting to maintain consistency.  The engine hasn’t been running at 100%, but we keep moving ahead.

The main components that are being targeted in the coming weeks include continuing to build out the weekly podcasts as well as a couple new shows: The TSM Interviews and The TSM Sessions.  The TSM Interviews will be just that—interviews featuring musicians, producers, engineers as well as people on the business side of things—anyone involved in the process of making and performing music.

The TSM Sessions will be live performance sessions featuring different musicians, songwriters, groups, etc…while this is a general concept right now, it is one that I am excited about and am in the initial conceptual planning stages.

At this point, the frequency of these 2 new shows is yet to be determined, but more information will be released as these projects develop.  The weekly podcast will continue to be in an evolutionary mode as it is iteratively developed and grows in the coming weeks.  Lastly, the blog will become more active in the coming weeks as I work on routing and curating the large amount of info that comes across my feeds daily.

With all of the projects and concepts being developed at TSM, there will continue to be an emphasis on the technical side of our craft, as well as on creatively using technology in all aspects of your music career—not just focusing on music gear, but also on all of the other tasks and activities that go into managing your music operation a a whole.

As with anything here at [the] Smart Musician, any input or feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged.  I am excited about the things that are in the queue and hope you will share in this excitement as these new offerings are rolled out over the coming weeks and months.

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