Technology Tolerance

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I realize that here at the Smart Musician, we talk a lot about technology and how using it can make your musical efforts a lot easier. But at the end of the day, it’s all about balance. Technology is not a silver bullet. Th important thing is to keep things as simple as possible, while using technology to automate repetitive tasks, or those that can be automated to free you up to make music. However, it is easy to automate so much that you end up spending just as much time just manning the automation, which really just defeats the purpose.

It’s also as much about your individual comfort level with technology–your technology tolerance, if you will–the level of comfort you have with the amount of technology or automation in your rig. Finding the balance is important so you can minimize the amount of distraction and tasks that you do, like changing patches, settings, channels, etc. Keep in mind, too, that there is a limit to what you can do in a live setting and that some things are better left out of the arrangement. Less often is more, and while technological aids can often times enhance your performance, thought and experimentation should always be put into your setup and use of tech in your live system.

Again, it’s all about making great music and enjoying doing it as much as possible. The more you apply basic principles like keeping it simple, putting thought and preparation into your gear setup and keeping the focus on having fun and making great music, the more you will get out of your time playing and performing, and so will all of your fans who come out to take in the show! That’s a win-win for both band and audience, and the club owner too.

What is your technology tolerance–how much do you use technology in your setup?

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