Your Band Is A Business

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For many musicians, music + business = sellout. But if you really look at the activities that are common to just about every successful business, you will start to see that how they operate has nothing to do with money, but goals and objectives. Obviously, money is a primary goal of most businesses, but other organizations exist not for the purpose of making a profit, but for some other purpose, such as charities.

In order to succeed, any group of people with a common goal need to have some degree of organization and structure in order to progress, and bands are no different. In fact, bands that want to make music their full time gig must put structure and organization in place if they are to have any chance of succeeding. Even if it is just a passionate hobby, it takes money to pay for gear, gas and strings, so it would be nice to make a little extra jing off of playing music. If this is going to happen, then you need to start running your band more like a business. This is not selling out, rather helping ensure your success.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the music and bringing the best you can to the stage. There are many things that go into a well oiled music machine such as your band, all of which should ultimately support this purpose. This topic is more than can be jammed into a single post, so I am working on putting all of this together to make available to you as a free download–more to come soon, but just keep this one thing I mind: putting structure and organization, treating your band as a business is NOT selling out, but is actually a critical component in the long term success of any band.

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