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TSM has been on and off for the past 6-7 years, with a handful of false starts. Life is what it is and often times does not leave as much time for working on those “side projects” as we would like. One of my objectives this year is to jump start this project once again, but with a slightly different approach. Looking at where I came from, my experiences and what I have now–both in terms of gear and knowledge, I see a lot of value to offer and also a lot of room for change and growth.

My initial objective was to share what I know and my experiences, but I realized that I was focusing on the past. I value my past experiences, which have given me the foundation on which I stand now. But so much has changed, even in what I see as the short time that I have been away from the scene. This is where I have been reflecting, trying to sort out where to go next, not just with TSM, but with what drives it in the first place: my own music production and performance.

In the coming months, I will be working on transforming my working environment, primarily my studio, and also my workflows and how I manage collaboration with my band mates who are now spread out across the country. We have recently come back together, but with a songwriting and production focus. I am also in the planning stages of creating a house concert series which will be live streamed, featuring different artists seasonally, every 3 months.

I have realized that music spans both studio and live, even if you are not recording. Your practice setup is your studio, with different requirements than your live rig/environment. Technology has also developed with these lines of distinction being blurred more and more.

As I ease back into my own music projects, whether it is writing with my band mates, producing/recording a project for someone else, or working live sets–all of which are happening, I will be applying my experience along with re-creating my working environments, rebuilding my rigs, from studio to stage. This will be an evolutionary process that will not happen overnight, and I want to capture and share this as I work through it.

There is one common thread that runs through just about everything that I do that means anything to me, and that is a desire to help others get over hurdles and meet challenges, however big or small, so that their experiences with whatever task or project will be as enjoyable as possible by learning from my experiences and mistakes.

That is where I am heading, that is what TSM is about. I am here to help where I can, share what I have and to continue learning through the process. That also means learning from you. If you have any experiences–light bulbs, ah-ha moments that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Now, let’s go make some music!

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