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I am not sure what I would do without the internet. It’s crazy to think back 25 years and imagine how I made any sort of progress without it. The fact is, that everything tends to maintain a sort of balance. Without the internet, I just had to figure things out by learning from somebody—asking them questions, or just do it on my own through trial and error. The reality is that is how I got the foundation I have today. Back then, there was no expectation that information would be available like it is today, but the complexity of the gear and tools back then was nothing like it is today, not to mention the availability! Today, we have access to both tools/gear and information, and a lot of it is even free!

It goes without saying that the tools and gear have become exponentially more complex, but there are great free resources out there to help guide you along when trying to learn how to use them, or just about any topic related to music performance and production. Just hit YouTube and type in a search for whatever you are curious about or trying to figure out, and you will hit an endless stream of video tutorials and reviews. I have a few that I subscribe to and find invaluable, like Joe Gilder (HomeStudioCorner.com), Graham Cochrane (RecordingRevolution.com), Ian Shepherd (ProductionAdvice.com), and Warren Huart are a few at the top of my watch list—these guys are an incredible source of knowledge and information that just wasn’t available back in the day. I have found them so helpful and learned so much that I have no problem ponying up cash to buy their products or support their sponsors so I can support them and help keep them in business, which keeps them pumping out all of the content that educates and helps me build my skills.

Dig around and into the resources that are out there, not just YouTube, but podcasts, blog posts, forums, Facebook, Instagram—you get the idea…and when you find something valuable, support these guys by buying a course, a subscription they are offering or even better yet, one of their original songs they have for sale. We are all in this together and even if these things are available and free, it still takes time and money to create and deliver the content they offer. Even if you don’t buy anything, use what is out there and be sure to let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing, and let them know how you have benefitted from their content. This is how the new world goes around. It’s really the greatest time to be alive for anyone involved in the creation of music, let’s make full use out of what is available to make better music.

What resources do you love and use? Share them in the comments below!

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