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I know I may be writing about things we all know already, but in my experience this is just as important as new ideas. I don’t know about you, but there is so much information to the point of overload an a daily basis that if it’s not repeated or somehow kept in the front of my mind, it will just drop out of sight, forgotten. So, I may be repeating myself or stating the obvious, but that’s because I think it’s important enough. 

When creating music, I have created a process which works extremely well for me. There are several reasons having some sort of process is not only beneficial, but required in any complex project, and music is one of them. Process allows you to free up mental bandwidth in order to focus on the task at hand, knowing what your next step is. This will give you confidence in how you are working your project and, I argue, will even allow creativity to increase and flow more freely. But, for a process to truly add value, it must be repeatable. I find it helpful to write it down in a bulleted list format so I can stay on track with a visual status of where I am at along the way.

Process, like a routine, allows you to do without having to spend tons of mental energy on how to do it. Once you have a process down it becomes like second nature  if you keep doing it on a consistent basis. Process, whether we realize it or not, is at the core of just about every human activity to some degree, and is a mechanism by which, along with consistent effort, we are able to improve what we do. In future posts, I will go into

More specific details describing my processes and how they work for me. What processes do you have that you find useful in your music creation process? 

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