TSM Podcasts Return

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After a little over a year, the Smart Musician podcast is returning. Also known as the TSM Podcast, this series will be getting a slight name change–it will now be called the TSM Music Tech Podcast, putting the focus on gear and the creative uses of technology both on stage and in the studio. John Thayer and I have started production and will have Episode 17 on its way very soon.

Along with the name change will be a new podcast series that will be more general in topic, not as tightly focused on gear and technology, but will cover anything related to crating and performing music, the Smart Musician way. This series will feature more interviews with bands and musicians like you, sharing their insights, experiences and perspectives on creating and performing music.

There is also one other podcast series in the works that will center on quick tips–more to come on that soon. As we get the podcast engines humming again, we would love to hear from you about what topics interest you the most, what burning questions or thoughts you have or problems/issues you are trying to solve. Please let us know by leaving a note in the comments below or by sending a message on the Contact Us page.

Help Is As Close As Your Social Network

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light-logoI Just started getting into SixString, a social network for guitarists. It is available on iPhone and Android, which is an interesting, but not all that uncommon approach taken by many seemingly “app only” developers today, but I digress… What I found after submitting my first post is that this appears to be a community of like minded individuals passionate about one thing–guitars. Not only are they passionate, but so far, the egos seem to be checked at the door, which in my opinion is a key to a successful, vibrant and growing community.

Because of this openness, you see all skill levels participating, whether it is sharing clips of a simple riff, soliciting collaboration on an idea, or asking for help with a particular question or problem. Without ego, a community can be open and actually help the individual grow in the craft. For instance, last night one guy posted a question, along with a short audio clip demonstrating the issue he was having with his guitar, and within hours, if not minutes, he had constructive responses from several other members of the community. This is a great example of what a true community is, not simply another social network.

The point is that we are not alone as musicians or engineers, whether we singers, drummers, audio engineers or guitarists–anyone involved in the making and performance of music. There are countless social networks out there and in the world of music there are many communities that are available to answer almost any question or help you through just about any challenge you are facing.

However, remember that it is a two way street, and that where there are all skill levels, you too may have the knowledge or expertise that will get someone else over that hump that has been holding them back from getting to where they want to go. The more we give, the more we contribute, the more we all ultimately get back from the community, both as a whole and as individuals

This is at the core of The Smart Musician, so please leave comments, questions, observations, etc…so we can help each other in our music production and performance efforts.

Have a great weekend and remember to keep it rockin’!!!