Expanding The Landscape of TSM

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I have been a bit lax the past week or 2 in my blog posting responsibilities, but I have not been sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix. What I have been doing is getting ready for a 5-Song EP challenge for the month of May, which started 2 days ago. I have also been thinking about TSM and where to go with it, especially seeing as my original motivation was focused on live performance, gear, and how to leverage technology to make live performance easier and better. That has not changed, but what has is that my focus is not just on the live aspects of music performance now. My musical landscape has been changing—expanding, really, and leans more toward the studio and songwriting, recording and production. This really is the starting point for a lot of us. In fact, the lines between studio and live have been blurred, if not all-out erased in some cases. The technology used in the studio today is also used live.

Technology is also bringing the stage to the living room and to a streaming audience. This alone is a deep pool of discussion topics. The environment we live in is drastically different than it was 10 years ago, even 5 years back! As things have changed, I am learning and re-learning what I need to know to make and perform music in today’s world. The fact is that I have not worked on a studio project for about 20 years. That has changed as I have been re-assembling my studio and am starting work on an EP, along with a couple of other recording projects that I am working on. So, I am going to fire up the video camera and start capturing the processes and tools that I use as I work through this project. You will have the opportunity to follow along with me as I go and as I learn all over again.

This will be a fairly rough process that I hope will be of some sort of value to you as I learn—even better, we learn together! It will be a bit messy as I dive into new gear and software, as well as dusting off my vocal and guitar chops (I have not sung lead vox in many years, like 25 long years…) I figure that I am going through this process either way, I might as well capture it and share what I am doing and what I learn. There is no magic plan, just a direction, tossing the proverbial map aside and pulling out the compass as this is all about the journey, not a final destination.

I hope you will find this useful, and if there is anything that you are looking for and that isn’t covered, just drop me a note in the comments below.